It is Our Job to Help You

About FLB Staffing Solutions

Who we are and what we do

FLB Staffing Solutions is a recruitment agency that provides end-to-end recruitment services.


  • Assist Job seekers in finding suitable permanent employment

  • Work with companies and hiring staff to find the best quality candidates for their businesses

  • Work and mediate between employers and employees to ensure smooth employment transitions

  • Match job seekers with employers

  • Source and find candidates locally, nationally and internationally

  • Help people to make a change or progress in their careers

  • Work Australia-wide

We commit to building long lasting relationships with our clients and aim to make their recruitment experience as hassle-free as possible.

Matching reputable businesses who can provide job security, growth, competitive wages

and long-term career opportunities to job seekers.

What do we value?

  • Communication

  • Long-term relationships

  • Information and knowledge

  • Customer satisfaction and feedback

  • Understanding

  • Efficiency and competence

Why us?

With refined recruitment processes, we make employing staff more efficient for you.

Saving you time.


A high quality recruitment experience to make sure you only have to hire once.

Saving you money.

Our obligation to you

  • We aim to provide the highest quality of customer service possible.

  • We will give you a better chance at securing the right team.

  • Effectively mediating between businesses and their employees to provide the best long-term employment solution possible.

For a hassle free recruitment experience, call us now. We'll take the hassle out of employment, AND we'll restore your faith in recruitment.

Recruiting. Done right!

Mission Statement:


Our mission is to provide a personal and comprehensive service that places high value on excellent customer relations and honesty, while offering the most competitive rates across all industries.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!